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History of development
The company "Thermaltex" - manufacturer of liquid ceramic thermal insulation materials of the "Teplotor" series was founded on October 12, 2005 as an official dealer of Thermal-Coat thermal insulation material (TC Ceramic), which was produced in the USA.

A year after that, our company began to cooperate with the American company Mascoat Products Inc., which at that time was a leading company in the development and production of liquid thermal insulation. But with the growth of the dollar, the cost of imported material also increased, so the Mascoat material became financially inaccessible to many potential customers and buyers. Therefore, in 2007 it was decided to develop on the basis of "Mascoat" its own domestic material, which would not be inferior in properties to the American counterpart. After a series of studies and tests, our specialists obtained the material "Teplotor", which provides easy application and reliable thermal insulation on different types of objects.

Currently, the material "Teplotor" has found wide application in various fields of industry and housing and communal services. All products of the Teplotor series are certified and regularly undergo quality control.
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